Whether you're recording, producing, or performing, if you don't command perfection, you receive mediocrity” - Bo Hoss

The return of Bo Hoss

The Country Crooner

Bo began singing at an early age beginning with church.  By Junior High he was singing in his first garage band named "Peace" and played with various bands through high school.  During his tour in the U.S. Navy, Bo also sang in the Navy choir and with other sailors in the band "Ace Of Spades" in the Long Beach/LA area.  Next came college. starting a family, and singing stints with "Kinesis", "Gutshot", and "Childhoods End".  Bo semi retired from performing until 2010 when his mother who was in declining health told him he was being selfish by not sharing his gift with others and urged him to begin singing again.   Now, 12 years later Bo has sung from W. VA, Indianapolis, Nashville, Texas, Iowa, Nebraska, California, and Washington, and has recorded 22 DEMO albums including 2 Country all originals.  Bo and his wife Cindy Lou created a micro recording studio doing both audio and video for independent artists  in the United States,  Canada, and Ireland.  Bo has had multiple #1 hits on  international charts and is highly regarded as one of the premiere independent multi-genre male vocalists in the world, recording CD's ranging from Country to Rock and Roll, from Blues to Motown's R&B, and also Broadway Pops.  Bo and Cindy are currently producing a 16 song CD featuring 9 internationally acclaimed  vocalists titled "Broadway Maybe's" showcasing  songs from movie scores and Broadway hits. 

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