Bo Hoss

Howdy! Let me introduce you to Bo Hoss

'BO' is actually his real Initials & 'Hoss' is what friends & family also call him. He answers to both. He laughed with a big country smile when he told me, "If people say, 'Hey! Bo! they are just sayin' howdy or startin' a conversation up, but when they yell out Hey! Hoss! -it usually means 'gimme a hand with this!"

The big fella is a real-life, milk-drinking Christian cowboy, in some ways a throwback to another era when Men respected their elders & held the door open for ladies, raised strong christian families where ethics & morals mattered, & on the other hand, a man of the modern World, a semi-retired businessman, farming & ranching in the mountains of Washington State. "All I ever wanted to do was sing for my supper" he explained, "I sang along to everything on the radio from the time I was small boy, radio had a lot more variety back in the day vs the way they program today" . He began singing in church & school choirs & other productions early on & was always in a local band. "Let me tell you, ain't nothin' more fun than watching people enjoy the Country music we play". When he began raising a family he semi-retired from performing, marketing in construction related trades for many years. Hoss still sung for special events from Ballparks to weddings. Finally it was his Momma that convinced him not to let time go by without doing something about singing professionally again rather than always wishing he had later.. She really wanted him to finish the career that she had so promisingly given up So Hoss began his 'Mission for Momma' to see her dream realized & began to stand in with bands all around the Mid-West & much to his surprise he admitted, there was a lot of positive response from the band members & more importantly, the audience. One night he was standing in with the 'Nashbillies' (AKA The Wild Hogs Band- A terrific group of musicians themselves) in Walford, Iowa, & there was a talent scout of sorts, Wanda J. Baird -Director & Producer with 'Future Stars of Tomorrow' who told Bo that she enjoyed his unique style & voice and, his performance. Wanda ultimately wrote an article about him in Midwest Country Magazine. Wanda had covered the 'Hee-Haw' TV Show & has been in the music industry for many years in several functions & has been instrumental in discovering new C & W talent for decades. With encouragement coming from all sides, Bo Hoss began singing all over the Midwest & around the country singing from clubs to County fairs. Wanda further encouraged Bo to cut a demonstration recording to show his tenor-baritone range & style to potential promoters, talent buyers, etc. Bo began recording @ Rife Recording in Marion Iowa, & after hearing & engineering the 'demo', Kevin Rife suggested that Hoss find a professional producer to help him on his mission to bring new traditional sounding, original, Country back. "He said, "Hoss, I've never seen anyone with your level of talent that doesn't already have a producer". He said, "In my search for a professional producer about 5 yrs ago I started talking with everyone & so many people were not fond of the "Pop-a-billy" cookie-cutter sound coming out of Nashville that I knew I had to be different, but something as familiar as comfort food." "Now 5 years later, I see traditional Country music re-emerging all over especially with the young singing stars of tomorrow" "We're reaching back for something lost that was pure, songs that we could relate to, dance to, sing to, that told a story about everyday folks". Hoss told me. The search was on for a producer & Hoss teamed up with 40-year Nashville recording star Terry Wendt, now producer for WMI-Nashville, & legendary pedal-steel guitarist, who's resume of playing with & producing many stars of Country music is impressive, from Jimmy Newman to Jeannie C. Riley to Shania Twain & many more. Terry shared Bo's vision. "I will never be able to thank Terry enough for helping me put together an impressive "Posse" of musicians who shared my concept of bringing back strong traditional country & has been instrumental in producing this unbelievable new music." he said. New. Traditional. Country. " The equally committed & incomparable writers in my Posse have given me exceptional music & I'm singin' it proud". "We know you'll like it. It's good for your ears, your heart, & your soul." C'mon in & listen to Bo Hoss sing a story for y'all with that silky-smooth voice of his, who many have compared to a mix of 'Gentleman' Jim Reeves, Eddy Arnold, Ray Price & George Jones, & hear for yourself, close yer eyes & rest those feet a spell. And for the biggest surprise of all, Hoss is as comfortable singing in his Tuxedo as he is wearing his Cowboy boots & hat! Check out his amazing 'Broadway Hoss' series- Lucinda Hightshoe -Traumaone Marketing