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  Welcome to BO HOSS Country    




Bo Hoss had the #1 song on the International Independent Radio Country music charts twice in the last 2 years!! (Soundclick) for 12 weeks & was in the top 10 for several months. Fans around the World know Bo Hoss & 'The Posse' play the greatest Traditional Country music ever made, but did you know He also does the Tuxedo circuit? that's right, 'Broadway' Hoss sings, Sinatra, Dino, Torme, Andy Williams, Nat 'King' Cole & more! not to mention'high-energy' Southern Rock, Blues & Gospel-Billy songs? Now you do! -When the crowd doesn't stop dancing until after you're done, you done good.

PLEASE JOIN US in NASHVILLE, TN. for FanFare. In addition to recording & performing there we will be singing & selling at Robbie Wittkowski's annual memorabila show next to the Music City Bar & Grill JUNE 4th -6th - Your ears told me they want to go, so.....

Hey Y'all, listen up now ya hear! Seriously folks, if'n you ain't caught a Bo Hoss & 'The Posse' performance, you're really missing out! This incredible 'Posse' of World class musicians delivers a country music experience like no other! If'n you like to dance, sing, hoot n' holler along then we're your Band, or if you're into the Tuxedo Crooners scene, we got that too.

June -3rd -Nashville studios, recording

June -4, 5, 6th -Fan Fair @Music City Bar & Grill Nashville

June -National CD release of 'Nashville Stars of Country Music'

June -has private shows in Iowa & Nebraska & Wyoming

July -Filming 3 additional videos to promote songs

July -National CD release for 'We like our Country...Traditional'

August-Sept. Back in the studio - accepting bookings

Sept. -National CD release of 'Yours Truly' our 'Gospel-Billy' pc.

Sept. 14th @ The Cailloux Theater in Kerrville, Texas

Oct 1st- Back in the recording studio w/5 albums scheduled for release!

You can hear Bo Hos & The Posse on:

Jerry Mac's 'The World's Greatest Int. Independent Opry'

KNEL Radio , Brady TX

The KOW Radio, Las Vegas, NV

Steam Magazine -Corpus Christi, TX


OweanaFM -Donegal, Ireland

Finn Valley FM -Ireland

Strabane Radio-Ireland


Black Dog



Amazon Music

Google play

Our new 'cover' album previously mentioned, 'Under the Covers' with Bo Hoss, features some of the great romantic love songs of all-time, has been released & the response is overwhelming.

Marketing has determined via social & Internet music websites we're on, that there's a huge female audience for Bo Hoss' music, so "It was only natural to make a CD for the ladies", Hoss said.

Sneak previews of both the all-original song CD & other great country songs can be found on this website under the 'Music' & 'Coming soon' headings at the top of the page.

Event dates will be posted as they appear.

Bo Hoss & The Posse are releasing 7 more CD's in 2020,

'Yours Truly' a 'Gospel-Billy' album featuring many famous artists & writers & 'We like our CountryTraditional' all 0riginal songs as well as 'The Amazing' Cindy Lou's 1st CD titled, 'You're Good Too'

An All-Star compilation CD Titled, 'Nashville Stars of Country Music' featuring six Great male Country vocalists including HOSS will be available this June as well.

At least another 7 CD's to be released in 2020! are, 'Saddle-Up!' an up-tempo album of all original songs & a highly-anticipated unveiling of an album featuring & showcasing Legendary Country songwriter, Bobby Fischer songs. Man I'm talking 'HIT'songs you ain't never heard before WOW! -And you know how good that 'Posse' of mine is, Holy Cats! You better hang on when you're ridin' Bulls!...So we'll keep y'all posted 'n such. We also have released 'Songbird' w/ 'Sweet Caroline' Lytle, 'You & I' the 1st duet CD w/ 'The Amazing' Cindy Lou & Bo Hoss, 'On Stage' w/'Broadway' Hoss, 'Speak softly Love' featuring 'The Velvet Hoss' & the 4th CD in the series of 'Broadway' Hoss albums, 'More...Buttery-smooth' Velvet Hoss & our latest release, 'Soul Cowboy'- Wow!

To Contact Bo Hoss management to book an amazing Country & Western musical experience or Ballroom dancing Broadway style event, e-mail them @ [email protected] or [email protected] for pricing & availability.

CONTACT PHONE # (319) 431-4132

Bo Hoss Fan Club Members receive discounts on both merchandise & advance sale ticket prices.

To contact the Bo Hoss Fan Club contact: Cindy with Marketing at [email protected]

CONTACT PHONE # (402) 730-8774

OR YOU MAY CONTACT US THROUGH Facebook or our website here.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...We have re-mastered the 1st CD album, 'Myna Bird' for release & getting closer to final mix & distribution of our debut all-original CD titled, 'We like our Country...Traditional'